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Hey there!

I'm Matthew Singh and I'm a Manchester based Video Editor. Editing professionally since 2012, I specialise in creating exciting and engaging promos for brands to help tell their story, Whether it's sports, fashion, food/drinks or healthcare; I have a strong understanding of what entices people to watch your video,

especially in the noisy social media world. 

My Career so far...
2012 - 2017: Video Editor for Manchester United, editing video content for the club's TV, digital and social channels. 
2017 - 2018: Senior Editor for award-winning Agency 'Sammon Media', editing high-end films and creative content for a number of high-profile clients and brands.
2018 - Beyond: Freelance Editor for clients including Formula 1, ATP Media, Red Bull, Adidas, New Balance, Betway and award winning creative agencies Havas Lynx Group, Leith and Ear the The Ground. 


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